Our Curriculum

Our program is planned on a monthly basis with a weekly emphasis on educators supporting children’s development, skills and knowledge through children’s interest and initiated learning.

This is done through observation, photographs, video and child’s voice, Educators then determine what children already know and can do and what the best future possibilities would be to support and/or challenge the children’s current interest, knowledge, skill and/or development.

Our program is strength based and we always look at what children can do and know as the basis to where we can plan from.

It also reflects and links with programs that we are affiliated with such as the SunSmart program, The Healthy Achievement Program and Be You Program.

Our environments reflect our program which include family input, community events and sustainability.

Our program and activities are evaluated and critically reflected upon to ensure that they are meeting the learning needs and interests of the children and link with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework.

We invite families to give us feedback and ideas in our program.