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Prodigy Early Learning Centre offers a high-quality holistic education care program for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years of age. The double-storey state-of-the-art centre is custom built and has 5 learning spaces that are well equipped with educational resources that are engaging, stimulating and inspire children’s learning, wonder and curiosity.

Our dynamic outdoor play environments with natural features, provides stimulation, risk taking, spontaneity, exploration, discovery, and connection with nature. This allows children to explore, experience and appreciate the natural environment. Our play spaces with sand pits, play forts, bike tracks, musical wall and vegetable gardens gives children the opportunity to embark on an endless imaginative adventure.

Our educators guide and extend each child’s learning journey by providing age-appropriate challenges and extend on their knowledge and skills through open ended questioning and quality interactions through play-based experiences.

Prodigy Early Learning Centre

6 weeks to 6 years of age

Opening Hours

6:30 am to 6:30 pm

All our learning spaces are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly and meet the needs of the active and curious minds.

Our ground level consists of four learning spaces that are thoughtfully resourced for each age group, while a fifth learning space that opens out into a cleverly designed outdoor playground, a sensory room, and a dining hall, along with our chef’s kitchen is situated on the second level.

Our unique Sensory room offers children with rich and varied experiences which enables them to use their senses. It helps their brain to create strong connections, to respond and process to various sensory information and encourages the development of motor skills and language.

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Prodigy Early Learning Centre offers a fully approved and funded 3 year and 4 year old Kindergarten Program, based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). Our Kindergarten Program is led by a Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

More information about the different Kinder programs can be found from the Victorian Kindergarten Website.

Learn more about our learning environments- take a sneak peek of our learning spaces-filled with learning, fun, and curiosity here.

The Prodigy Early Learning team invites you to join our waitlist to start your wonderful journey with us.

Renu Rana
Operations Manager

Our Centre

Safe & Fully-Functional Learning Environment

We maintain and encourage children’s connection with nature by letting them discover and explore their outdoor settings and by delivering stimulating fun filled activities without compromising their safety.

Fraser Rise

Our New State-of-the-Art Centre is set to open soon, so if your child is about to begin their early years journey, get in touch with us today to be part of our Holistic Educations Care Program.

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