About Us

About Prodigy Early Learning

At Prodigy Early Learning, we seek to stimulate and facilitate children’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical development in a safe and nurturing environment and simultaneously supporting families to work toward and achieve their goals. Our professionally trained staff, responsive curriculum and beautiful facility offer an experience of natural discovery where each child thrives every single day.

We strive to provide children with a safe warm environment that supports their growth as young learners. Our programs provide opportunities for children to develop their own interests and aptitudes through a variety of hands-on activities. The curriculum also includes multicultural activities that promote appreciation of all cultures.

Teachers at Prodigy Early Learning, after examining each child’s unique strengths and specific needs, provide instruction for developmental areas that require support and encourages a life-long fascination with learning.

Please contact us to know more about our programs or your child’s enrolment. We will get back to you ASAP. Or you can visit us at Prodigy Early Learning, Wyndham Vale.